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Hoisting equipment


We design, produce, deliver, install and service hooks for cranes of all types, sizes and purposes.


We design, produce, deliver and install traverses for carrying cargo of all types, sizes and purposes.


Manually operated permanent magnets are the most practical and safest way for the acceptance of processed or raw, flat or round ferromagnetic materials. Keep the loads with the power of permanent magnets, without using an external power source.

They are available in five models, with capacity of 250-2000 kg, are easy to operate, ensuring increased efficiency and productivity in a variety of applications, even in confined working areas with limited reach of the crane. Magnetizing and degaussing is done by simply turning the handle from one to the other end position.

The basic advantages of using permanent magnets are:
●     small size and low weight,
●     great strength and full operational safety,
●     acceptance of cargo on the upper side without any damage or deformation,
●     does not require any maintenance

Magnetic traverses are used to transport sheets and profiles of different lengths and sizes. They are equipped with electro-permanent magnets that consume electricity only when activating and deactivating their own permanent magnetic field.

In addition to multiple energy savings, electro-permanent magnets are characterized by high operating safety, reliability and durability. A sudden interruption of power supply during the work cycle has no effect on the safety of magnetic lifting system.

The advantage of this system is the fact that:
●     it does not require constant external power supply (as opposed to the classical electromagnetic performance)
●     safety, since it has the energy autonomy for the entire duration of the transport of load
●     does not affect the operation of nearby devices (during the phase of releasing the load it does not return energy to the supply mains)

FINING Ltd delivers custom solutions of electro-magnetic devices for transporting and lifting heavy portions of compact and bulk steel cargo.

C - hooks

We design, produce, deliver and install the C-hooks for gantry cranes of all sizes, capacities and purposes.


Our product range includes all kinds of mechanical grabs with cables or hydraulic grabs provided for suspending to double roped or four-roped bridge cranes.

Structural designs of grabs and the materials used in them, ensure a high degree of grab filling and safe operation with minimal maintenance, no matter whether loading takes place from boats, wagons or open storage.

Clamps, chains and straps for cargo

We deliver and install grips, chains and straps adapted for carrying all types of cargo with cranes.
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