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Obsolete technical solutions are present in many cranes that are still in use. Repairs on such machines are often costly and sometimes impossible due to the lack of spare parts.

Sometimes you will want to improve the technical characteristics of the existing cranes, such as, for example, achieve greater speed of lifting or increase capacity.

In such cases, the company FINING Ltd. will propose the application of new technical solutions and reconstruct and/or update your crane so that you are satisfied with the use for many years and this is particularly important in this difficult economic situation in which the economy is.


We perform overhauls based on major shortcomings established during detailed reviews of cranes, because of new technology requirements or because of outdated and obsolete equipment that can not ensure the requirements of health and safety when working with a crane.

Usually these are older cranes, or cranes with a long working cycle.

In such cases we propose economically optimal (still profitable) operations such as installation of new electrical equipment (cabinets, cables, limit switches ... with frequency regulation of individual drives), the installation of radio controls, replacement of old electric drives driving carts and lifts with new ones, replacing winches (the old are usually so dilapidated and unsafe, that it is optimal - cheaper to install a new winch), replacement of old sliding pipes with new sliding etc.


All our products have design and documentation made according to the current European norms and standards.


The service includes urgent remedying of the problem on cranes or equipment, which occur during the production process and must be eliminated in the shortest time possible.

Contractual annual services

Regular contractual annual (or intermittent) services: we perform them on the basis of annual inspections (or in some other interval - depending on the needs and the intensity of working with a crane). This service usually includes replacement of consumable parts (eg. brake pads, keyboards, steel ropes ...).


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