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KBK cranes

Demag KBK cranes have been in use successfully for many years, and can be found in the factories and workshops of almost every type and size. KBK introduces a system of modular construction of cranes: it has the standard elements (bridges, trails, carts, suspensions, winches, power supply, etc.), the combination of which solves simple or complex tasks of lifting and moving loads.

Moving loads using KBK cranes is quick, safe and efficient above the working and production level - without the use of floor space for crane rail carriers. KBK is simply hanging from the ceiling or ceiling construction elements. This enhances the workers’ productivity. With the use of additional elements of the system, it is possible to handle even the loads that lie outside the ground plan area of the crane rail, which is otherwise impossible with conventional cranes.
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KBK system of modular construction
KBK installations are suitable for regular transport operations (monorail) or, like conventional cranes, the entire layout area. They find applications in all branches of industry and production. They are build for the capacity of up to 3,200 kg and arbitrary ranges without limitation.
Rugged construction and flexibility
Composed of many standard components, the technical solution of KBK system of modular construction can be adapted to meet individual specific requirements. The basic building blocks are cold rolled profiles of different sizes. They are characterized by being lightweight and having high mechanical properties of stiffness and strength. Their application makes subsequent upgrades or changes to the KBK installation easy and cost-effective, in cases of expansions in production.
Easy installation, reliability and efficiency
The KBK system of modular building is typically suitable for simple and fast assembly thanks to standardized dimensions and fittings. The start-up is simple, and the maintenance procedures are carried out rapidly. Made of standardized products manufactured in large series, KBK components give you:

●     optimal ration of investment and return,
●     high functional reliability,
●     long lifetime.
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